Swedish preschool history

1836 - The first toddlers schools started in Nora and Stockholm

1854 - The first baby crib, Kungsholmens baby crib, opens in Stockholm

1896 - Private kindergartens opens in Stockholm after the German model (Kindergarten)

1899 - The sisters Ellen Moberg (1874-1955) and Maria Moberg (1877-1948) opens a kindergarten in his orphanage in Norrköping. The sisters also came later to run pre-school teacher training.

1902 - The first Swedish child welfare legislation will

1935 - Alva Myrdal's book "City Kids" comes out.

1943 - After a government commission decided on government grants for schools and creches

1972 - Children Preschool Commission becomes clear

1975 - The municipalities are required to be responsible for a preschool for all six year olds

1991 - The right of contribution to staff-run kindergartens are introduced

1995 - The right of pre-school extended to one year of age

1998 - A curriculum for preschool introduced and childcare moved from the Ministry of Social Affairs to the Ministry of Education, kindergarten becomes preschool.

2002 - A maximum fee introduced.

2003 - General preschool for four and five year olds are introduced.

2006 - Freedom of establishment for schools and recreation centers

2010 - General preschool for three year olds are introduced.

Norrköping: Ellen and Maria Moberg