The Equality Ombudsman (DO)

The Equality Ombudsman – a united force for human rights The Equality Ombudsman (Diskrimineringsombudsmannen, DO) is a government agency that works against discrimination and for equal rights and opportunities for everyone. Our vision is a society where respect for everyone’s equal value and rights is a matter of course.

Equal rights for everyone

Do you work to ensure that everyone has equal rights? You are right to do so. Employers, schools and universities have a responsibility to ensure that everyone has equal opportunities and that no one is discriminated against or harassed.Schools and universities must produce equality plans that are followed up every year.

Information and development

The Ombudsman’s other duties include raising awareness and disseminating knowledge and information about discrimination and about the prohibitions against discrimination, both among those who risk discriminating against others and those who risk being subjected to discrimination. This means that the agency offers guidance to employers, higher education institutions, schools and others, and helps develop useful methods on their behalf. A further task is to ensure, through awareness-raising initiatives, that everyone knows their rights.

In addition, the Ombudsman is required to draw attention and create debate around human rights issues. It also has special responsibility for reporting on new research and international developments in the human rights and discrimination field.


Skogsgläntan and Kuddby Preschools vision for the equality work