Dissemination activities at Skogsgläntan, Kuddby and Silverdansens Preschools


Implementation activity for all staff members at Vikbolandets preschools (Skogsgläntan, Kuddby, Önnemo and Kättinge preschools), October 2014

Educators from DO - the Goverment agency for equality - introduced all pedagogues in the work of Equality. 

Dissemination activity in the municipality, November 2014

We where invited to talk about "Why EU- project?" at a dissemination event in Norrrköping. At the event we told other preschools about our project.


Dissemination activity for parents at Skogsgläntans and Kuddby preschools, March 2015 

We where invited by Taskius, Lithuania to participate in an art exhibition - "I´m unique". All children who wanted created their own picture and describe why they where unique.

In March 2015, we invited parents to a parents meeting and took the oppurtunity to tell about this project and the art exhibition.

Parents meeting at Skogsgläntan

Art exhibition "I´m unique" at Skogsgläntan

Implementation and dissemination activity, March 2015

All pedagogues at Vikbolandets and Silverdansens preschools was invited to a lecture with Hlene Elvstrand, Linköpings university, who talked about democracy, participation and influence in preschool.

At the beginning we told about this Erasmus+ project "Democracy for children in preschool".

Pedagogues and preschool managers from the municipality of Norrköping where also invited.