We have chosen to do this project in February. For Lithuania this month is very important because we have lot of special dates and events. Two weeks we dedicated to know Lithuania better and two weeks we dedicated to know better the whole world.  

Firstly we celebrated the St. Blažiejus - Linen day.  

We introdused with Linen way. Tasted flax oil and linseeds. We were able to see some linen clothes.

St. Agota's  - Bread day

It was really special day. Kids brought their favourite bread to share with each other. Some of them baked bread at home and brought to kindergarten not only to share and taste it but explained the whole recipe and the way the bread was baked. 

Shrovetide day (Pancake day) 

We saw the fight of Greasy (winter) and Hemp (spring).  It is traditional Lithuanian way to celebrate the Shrovetide day. And after that we had the pancake party. 

February 16th is Lithuania Birthday 

This year we decided to celebrate this day in a very special way. We made little gifts to passerbys in a city. The whole kindergarten went to the Cathedral square to sing the songs and play Lithuanian games and give our handmade gifts to passerbys. For this innovation and ideas have been seen, we were invited to the Presidential Palace and awarded by Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite. 


The World 

 We chose to talk about seven continents and introduce children with something very specific and interesting about each conticent. 

So we started in Argentina 

We traveled to Angentina and met with Eskimos and pinguins. They were very friendly and taught us pinguine dance. We had some nice salmon snak.

With Cristóvão de Mendonça We Found Australia 

We had the possibility to get acquainted with Australian origines. 

Africa's beauty

In Africa we sang African songs and played with unique music instruments.


In Europe we traveled by time machine and we met a lot of famous people

Travel Around The World With Different Vehicles

Our kindergarten became like a big world. We traveled with airplain, bus, train and even big ship around the world. 

Airplain went to Australia

By buss we traveled in India

Ship is taking us around South America

 In a comfortable ship we experienced not only nice view, good weather and perfect snack, but big storm too.

Journey by train in Europe