Opportunity to Choose! No Mistakes!


  1. Let the children not only to dress themselves, but also to choose what to wear and to take care of their clothes;
  2. Let the children to learn from  their own experience to make their own mistakes and decisions;
  3. To show children that OTHERS respect their own opinion and decisions;
  4. To give children a chance to win and to lose. Don‘t forget to celebrate the achievements and success of others.

These six month gave for us all (child‘s, parents, teachers):

  • More freedom to choose;
  • More freedom to express ourselves;
  • To show individuality more often;
  • Freedom to be different;
  • To be creative;
  • Parents gave more attention to child new experiences;
  • Time to stop and think before saying NO;
  • To show that we are not afraid to acknowledge that adults make mistakes as well!!!