Democratic Freedom

Freedom in a democratic political system goes with responsibility and duty. It is important to talk about them too: daily duties of a child in kindergarten/at home (picking up toys, washing oneself, preparing table, taking out the trash ...) Do not forget group/house rules (being quiet, no running, no insulting or beating others, waiting for your turn ...) also social responsibility (helping another's - adults or peers, taking care of the environment - saving resources, sorting waste, keeping environment clean, plant -animal care).

Directions for Project Activities

  • Helping children to understand the concept of “democracy”;
  • Educating parents: What kind of personal freedom do they think children need?
  • Sharing good practice with other teachers about personal freedom for kids;
  • Cooperating with kindergardens in other cities in Lithuania.

Children‘s should be free

  • Choose what to wear, play, eat and etc.;
  • Be different;uExpress their own opinion and feel that this opinion matters;
  • Be just a kid - not an adult;
  • Make mistakes.

However, adults should set reasonable boundaries for children to help them learn to respect other people‘s needs and to keep everybody safe and healthy.

We will cherish and respect children’s

  • Freedom of speech;
  • Freedom of choice;
  • Freedom of self-expression;
  • Individuality – independence;
  • Freedom to be different;
  • Creativity;
  • Freedom to make mistakes;
  • Freedom to explore